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Translation Manchester

Powering translational research across Greater Manchester.

Translation Manchester is part of a Wellcome Trust initiative to overcome barriers to translational research across Greater Manchester by bringing together a network of support, facilities and expertise to make the pathway to translation quicker and easier.

Translational research is the process by which basic scientific research is ‘translated’ into patient focused research, improved patient and population healthcare, and wellbeing.

Successful translational research relies on collaborations and multidisciplinary working. With appropriate support, successful collaborations can progress research along the translational pathway.

We have created a research network to bring an infrastructure together in a central and easily accessible space that will:

  • Ensure the translatability of ongoing projects at all stages of the translational pathway.
  • Forge new and productive connections between academic researchers and the clinical workforce.
  • Raise awareness of translational research at the University and associated Greater Manchester NHS trusts.
  • Support investigators to overcome ‘blocks’ to translational research.

View a Powerpoint presentation: How can Translation Manchester support me?


Translational research pathway

The pathway can be applied to any functional healthcare intervention including medical procedures and devices, treatment and drug development pathways, diagnostic tests and imaging, software development, education, training and lifestyle changes.

It incorporates four stages of discovery research (D1-D4), three stages of clinical research (T1-T3) and one stage of changes to healthcare policy and practice (T4).


Discovery research

Translatable, pre-clinical research

  • D1: No clinical, practical or commercial application
  • D2: Disease focus
  • D3: Practical outcome
  • D4: Optimisation

Clinical research

Patient-centred research

  • T1: First tests with humans
  • T2: Statistical relevance reached
  • T3: Evaluated more widely

Improved health

Changes to healthcare, practice or treatment

  • T4: Adopted by population health and policy
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Resources for researchers

Find out how we can help you access the resources you need to support your translational research, including funding opportunities and advice.

Access to Expertise

The Access to Expertise award (£125,000 per year) will enable you to access appropriate expertise to help unblock specific bottlenecks associated with translational research. Projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £25,000. The call for applications will open on 4 March 2019.

Please contact:

Projects for Translation

The Projects for Translation award will fund studies that move research projects along the translational pathway. Projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £55,000. The 2018 call funded five projects, the next call will be announced shortly.

Please contact:

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Translation Manchester network

The network is a central resource for translational research which brings together University, NHS and other relevant facilities and expertise from across Greater Manchester.

Browse our list of network members or search for a specific type of facility or support you need.

If you're interested in joining or think there’s a gap we need to fill – contact the team at and let us know.


Our team

Meet the team behind Translation Manchester and find out how they can help you to overcome barriers in advancing your translational research.

Professor Luke Georghiou

Luke GeorghiouLuke is the principal investigator of the Wellcome Trust iTPA and Chair of the strategic oversight group.

He is responsible for business engagement and commercialisation activities as well as general executive duties.

Dr Lloyd Gregory

Lloyd GregoryLloyd is the Academic Partnerships Director at Health Innovation Manchester and the Operational Lead for the Wellcome Trust iTPA that is supporting the Translation Manchester Network as well two internal funding schemes A2E and P4T. 

View research profile

Professor Nigel Hooper

Professor Nigel Hooper Nigel is Vice Dean for Research and Innovation in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. He is a member of the Strategic Oversight Group.

Dr Ania Jolly

Ania JollyAnia is a strategic funding manager and supports the iTPA programme in addition to the A2E and P4T funding schemes.

Annette Barber

Annette BarberAnnette is the senior administrator on Translation Manchester and works with the University’s Strategic Funding Managers across all aspects of their research areas, especially the Medical Research Council’s Confidence in Concept Funding.



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