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Researchers can apply for funding for translational research projects from a number of schemes.

More information can be found in the document below.

Funding opportunities

Informatics Training Scheme

Access to informatics support has been identified as a translational bottleneck for researchers in Manchester. To address this bottleneck, Translation Manchester is offering training to provide this expertise and ‘upskill’ translational researchers. We welcome applications from researchers of all career levels, for whom a lack of informatics expertise is preventing the progression of their research along the translational pipeline.

For details and application information, see:



The iTPA and Translation Manchester support translational research through two schemes, Access to Expertise (A2E) and Projects for Translation (P4T).

Access to Expertise

The Access to Expertise award (£125,000 per year) will enable you to access appropriate expertise to help unblock specific bottlenecks associated with translational research. Projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £25,000. The call for applications will open on 4 March 2019.

Please contact:

Projects for Translation

The Projects for Translation award will fund studies that move research projects along the translational pathway. Projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £55,000. The 2018 call funded five projects, the next call will be announced shortly.

Please contact:


Previous awards

Projects for Translation (P4T)

P4T funding supports the progression of research projects along the translational research pathway. The scheme is not intended to fund an entire project, but to support existing projects to progress along the translational continuum.

The P4T award funds projects with a duration of 6-9 months, but will exceptionally consider projects up to 12 months maximum duration.

2018 awards

Brian Bigger

ongoing project: Establish manufacturing scale-up of lentiviral transduction of peripheral blood derived CD34+ stem cells at GMP

9 months P4T support


Professor Tony Day (PI) & Dr Caroline Milner (CoI)

ongoing project: Development of Link_TSG6 as a protein biological with disease-modifying and anti-inflammatory properties

9 months P4T support


Mike Bromley

ongoing project: The Aspergillus fumigatus Gene and Non Coding RNA Knockout Library.

6 months P4T support


Dr Ellen Poliakoff

ongoing project: Action Imagery and Observation in Neurorehabilitation for Parkinson’s Disease (ACTION-PD)

6 months P4T support


Professor William Newman

ongoing project: Development and implementation of a point-of-care pharmacogenetic test to avoid antibiotic-related hearing loss in neonates

12 months P4T support

Access to Expertise (A2E)

The A2E award aims to enable investigators to access necessary technical expertise, external to their immediate research group, in order to reach higher technology readiness levels or shift their research to the next phase in the translational research pathway.

The scheme is not intended to fund an entire project, but to support expert engagement with ongoing projects, to overcome a particular barrier to translation which needs addressing. The award duration is typically 6-9 months but could be up to a maximum 12 months.

2019 awards

Dr Silke Brix

Risk stratification and modified immunotherapy to reduce mortality in elderly patients with ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis

4 months access to statistical expertise


Dr Govind Oliver

Technology enhanced care in cardiac arrest

8 months access to software development expertise and clinician time


Prof Paul Bishop

In-silico prediction of potential for immunogenicity of AMD therapeutics

3 months access to in silico evaluation expertise


Dr Anna Woollams

Using clinical imaging to optimise therapy for individuals with aphasia

9 months access to app development and delivery expertise


Dr James Fildes

Developing an arterial leukocyte filter that mimics leukocyte adhesion

6 months access to external peptide synthesis expertise


Dr Jordi Bella

Engineered recombinant collagens for tissue regeneration applications

9 months access to expertise in TPP development


Prof Tony Day

Development of Link-TSG6 as a protein biological with disease-modifying and anti-inflammatory properties

5 months access to bioinformatics expertise


Dr Emma Gowen

Developing a partnership between Autism@Manchester and GMMH NHS autism services

9 months access to clinician and research co-ordinator time

2018 awards

Prof Kathryn Abel

mSootheBox: Developing a Digital Health Intervention for Self Harm Management for Children and Young People

9 months access to augmented reality expertise and funds to establish an expert Research User Group


Dr Jordi Bella

Cost of goods model for the manufacture of engineered recombinant collagens for tissue regeneration applications

6 months access to expertise to develop a cost of goods model.


Dr Jeremy Derrick

Stratification by Immuno-profiling of IgG in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis Patients

3 months access to informatics expertise 


Prof Tracy Hussell

Macrophage adaptation in the inflamed lung

12 months access to clinician time for clinical sample collection


Dr Matthias Pierce

'CAPRI': Children and Adolescents with PaRental mental Illness: Understanding the 'who' and the 'how' of targeting interventions

9 months access to an expert health economist


Dr Stephen Richardson

Development of an adipose stem cell-GDF6 regenerative therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration and back pain

9 months access to an expert health economist and expert Research User Group


Prof Mark Travis

Determining a novel pathway that controls TGF-beta activation in the human immune system

3 months access to research nurse and clinician time for clinical sample collection