Request Bioinformatics Expertise

From surveys of the research community here at Manchester access to bio-informatics support has been identified as one of the key bottlenecks to successful translational research. As part of Translation Manchester we are now pleased to be able to offer bio-informatics research support, through our recently appointed Translational Research Bioinformatician Dr Lijing Lin.

Dr Lijing Lin will manage the Bioinformatics Expertise service to provide bioinformatics support to researchers across the University, NHS and their industrial partners. We aim to build capacity in the bioinformatics area by providing appropriate, dedicated, personalised training opportunities to researchers who have identified lack of bioinformatics expertise as a bottleneck to their research.

Examples of areas in which training and support can be provided include bioinformatics analysis for data generated from techniques such as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and ATAC-seq, proteomics data analysis, and flow cytometry analysis, as well as statistical analysis with cohort-based clinical data and electronic health records.

What we can help with?

  • Identify bioinformatics bottlenecks/hurdles
  • Tailored skills training for the target project
  • One-to-one support for independent analyses

Our main work model is for the personnel within the research group to perform the analyses, whereas we will assist researchers in identifying the main bioinformatics hurdles, pinpoint the required analyses, skills and expertise, and determine relevant training provided through the Informatics Training Scheme by Translation Manchester or other currently available training opportunities provided within the University. When the relevant training is not currently available, this will be provided by our Translational Research Bioinformatician. For projects needing a dedicated bioinformatician to perform the analysis, we will refer researchers to our Access To Expertise funding scheme where funding can be requested for access to technical expertise external from the immediate research group. This could cover salary for a collaborative project with another research group within the University or externally.

In exceptional circumstances, which are of strategic importance to the University, Translation Manchester may be able to provide direct bioinformatics support / analysis. This would need to be approved by the Translation Manchester steering group. Priority for projects will be based on which projects have the potential to use bio-informatics to induce the biggest change in where they sit on the translational pipeline.

How to request support

Please use the request Bioinformatics Expertise form to provide details of your research project and requirements in advance, which allows us to assess your needs and provide the relevant support. Please email the completed form to  to arrange for an initial discussion.  

As this is a new service we are currently establishing if this is the best way of providing support in bioinformatics, if you have any feedback or ideas please get in touch.