A Collection of Bioinformatics Training Materials

by | May 31, 2022 | Bioinformatics, News, Resources | 0 comments

In this GitHub repository, we collate a list of online bioinformatics training/learning materials that are free to use. This list is intended for experimental biologists starting learning bioinformatics, and those from a computational background willing to gain hands-on experience in bioinformatics.

Materials on this curated list are either from the university or other institutions training courses (preferably with a GitHub/GitLab repository), or have been shared via an online registry, e.g ELIXIR’s TeSS, GOBLET portal, OER commons etc. In the table of contents on the front page, we broadly organise the materials into five main categories of bioinformatics skills. By clicking each link, you are directed to a more detailed lists in each category, including some brief notes to the courses.

Any contribution to this list is highly appreciated. The easiest way to communicate with us, regarding e.g. adding courses you like, reporting a dead link/typos etc, is to send us an email via translation@manchester.ac.uk

You can also  get in touch through our GitHub issue page here (GitHub login required).