Innovator Training Scheme – Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

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In collaboration with the BRC, the Innovator Training Scheme (ITS) aims to equip and inspire researchers to explore and develop impactful research alongside industry and commercial partners.

For the second event of the series, Masood Entrepreneurship Centre’s (MEC) Fatemeh Salehi and Laura Etchells delivered a session on ‘Developing an entrepreneurial mindset’, while guest speaker Dr Beenish Siddique shared insights from her journey as CEO of AEH Innovative Hydrogel.

Video content:

0:00:00 – Introduction – Dr Colette Inkson, Innovation and Partnerships Manager – NIHR Manchester BRC
0:00:40 – What is an entrepreneurial mindset? – Dr Fatemeh Salihe and Dr Laura Etchells – Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) 0:17:30 – Group activity
0:35:49 – Activity feedback
0:50:55 – Support programmes available at Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) – Dr Laura Etchells
0:59:57 – Meet the entrepreneur – Dr. Beenish Siddique, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AEH Innovative Hydrogel Ltd
1:26:25 – Q&A
1:31:28 – Closing remarks – Dr Colette Inkson