Gateway to Translation Webinar: Zenzium Ltd

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We are excited to announce a new series of webinars developed by Translation Manchester in collaboration with our colleagues at the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences.

The aim of these webinars is to stimulate translation of basic research into the clinics by educating academics about trends, technologies and research in the commercial sphere and by facilitating collaborations between academia and the medtech, biotech and pharma industry sectors.

The first webinar of this series, hosted by Translation Manchester, was on 14th March with guest speaker Anthony D. Bashall, Managing Director at Zenzium Ltd. Seminar Topic: “High Definition Healthcare Observations – A Paradigm Shift Continuous Monitoring – Wearables – AI/ML”.

The webinar was chaired by Dr Gareth Kitchen, NIHR Academic Clinical Senior Lecturer and consultant Anaesthetist, The University of Manchester.

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About Zenzium

Zenzium Ltd is a health and biomedical data science company focused on applying artificial intelligence / machine learning to continuous time-series data in the wellness & healthcare space. Data is obtained from either consumable wearable devices and/or medical devices in a logitudinal manner in both facilities and remotely.. Efforts are focused on various conditions and diseases with an aim to improve outcomes by predicting the timing of various interventions.

Zenzium’s approach is applicable to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), diabetes, arthritis, stroke, inflammatory or metabolic conditions as-well as elective surgery. Current efforts are also ongoing in stress, pain, fatigue and prehabilitation.

Additional Info on Zenzium’s Technology

Zenzium has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach, more specifically a deep learning technology, to identify and predict event onset from physiological and other data. They apply deep learning to multivariate time-series (longitudinal) data that is also aggregated with episodic data as well as diagnostics and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) information plus proteomic, genomic, epigenetic and metabolomic data.

They maintain active collaborations and partnerships with leading entities worldwide in the medical sciences, biomedical fields, artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing communities.

Watch a recording from the event below:

The “Gateway to Translation” G2T webinar series is a joint initiative between The University of Manchester (Translation Manchester) and University of Cambridge (Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences, CATS).

The format was established by the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences (CATS) and has been running since 2020. Recordings from previous webinars organised by our colleagues at Cambridge are available here. Starting from this year, CATS and Translation Manchester have partnered to run the series jointly on a monthly basis.